Prostitutes And Escorts In Paris: Things You Must Know Before Visiting

Paris, the home town of over 2.2 million people, entertains 22 million tourists every year. The city of lights is known for its philosophy of love and erotica. To maintain its reputation as the nation’s capital for all seductive things, Paris offers many different adult entertainment options. In simple words, if you are looking forward to some arousing fun, Paris is the right destination for you.

Right from swinging sex clubs to escorts, sensual massages to strip clubs, Paris has everything to satisfy a pleasure seeker. For those who are traveling to Paris for the first time, here we have explained in detail what exactly does the city offers to its sensual travelers.

Prostitution market in Paris

Sex work was practically legal in France until 2016. However, later sex purchase ban was introduced. Today, prostitution has been decriminalized, but paying for sex carried hefty fines. If you are caught engaging with a sex worker for the first time, you will have to pay a fine of about €1500. However, repeat offenders are expected to pay double.

Running a brothel or such other activity which profits from sex work, is illegal throughout France. As a result, street prostitution is dropping across France, but it does exist in Paris. Nowadays, most of the sex work is undertaken by high-class escorts of Lovesita 16E.

Street Prostitutes

There are two very famous red-light areas in Paris. Of course, they are not official, but these are the areas where street prostitution is discreetly tolerated. Then again, don’t get confused, prostitution is without a doubt illegal, and you will be offending the law by engaging with a sex worker.

The first and the most famous are is Pigalle. The area is full of strip clubs, sex shops, as well as even the world-famous cabaret club – Moulin Rouge and Divan du Monde are located here. You will find high-class prostitutes on the streets around Pigalle, and they charge much more than prostitutes working in other areas of the city. The prostitutes here are infamous for taking advantage of tourists.

The second red light area is Bois de Boulogne, sex workers are mostly found in a public park here. After the sunset, you will find many prostitutes occupying the park bench waiting for their clients. You will find some white vans parked around the part. These basically belong to the prostitute and have a mattress in the back. The vehicle is obviously used for providing sexual services.

Paris Escorts

Paris is kind off the busiest city for escorts in Europe. Right from budget escorts who are available on an hourly basis, to high-class escorts who provide companionship services for an entire evening, weekend, or even some more days are easily accessible in Paris.


There are even some premium escorts which charge hefty prices, but this is because they are extremely presentable, stunningly beautiful, and well-educated. Besides, they know exactly how to please their clients.

So, you see, Paris offers everything that you desire. Just with a simple online search, you will get countless options of escorts along with their customer’s reviews to help you pick better.

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